Pack Duo Funbox 10'3 Starter + Alu paddle - Inflatable SUP

This Pack Duo Stand Up Paddle inflatable starter 10'3 is ideal to begin and discover the SUP at reduced price and to be able to walk with two or even four children ;-). The Starter range has been created to withstand intensive use in clubs. A perfect board for discovering SUP on the sea or whitewater. It will even allow you to take your first steps in surfing. The Funbox 10'3 Starter, this inflatable SUP is the ideal model to start and discover SUP. Strong and ultra rigid due to its double layer Dropstich PVC construction, this stable and fun board is perfect for all sizes from 55 kilos to 85 kilos.

Dimensions : 10’3 x 32" x 5" • 3,11 m x 81 cm x 12,5 cm • 269 liters

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PVC Drop Stitch dual layer
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Funbox 10'3 and Aluminium Starter paddle, an excellent combo to start SUP!

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The starter range: stable and versatile.

1. Shape

With this shape, this board will take you anywhere you want to go. Whether it's in flat water, choppy water or waves, it goes everywhere! Different thicknesses are proposed to bring you more stability according to your size: 4" for the 8'7 and 9'7, 5" for the 10'3 and 6" for the 10'7 and 11'7.

2. Tail

In a rectangular "square tail" shape, this SUP is cut to give you stability and maneuverability.

3. Nose

Slightly raised (nose kick) to optimize glide without burying in the chop.

This versatile Stand Up Paddle board will allow you to practice rides, river descents, fishing, surfing... everything is allowed! The Starter range has been created to withstand intensive use in clubs. Less specific than the gram PRO, they remain true SUP boards for an ultra-competitive price. The quality of the materials guarantees rigidity and durability over time. In addition, we offer models and sizes for all sizes!

Double layer Dropstitch PVC construction allowing our starter range boards to be very stiff. A construction that can be found in many other brands at prices up to three times higher. It is equipped with a removable central fin with a zip and an inflation valve at the end of the board for easy deflation.

Volume: 269 liters - Pressure: 15 psi
Weight of the board alone with fins: 8 kg
Weight of the bag with board and accessories: approx. 11 kg

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