Time is what it took us to get out the foil of our dreams, a Foil for the easy, solid, light and cheap stand up paddle.
So we took several months, tests, breakdowns, proto and finally it was born.
This Foil will allow you to start, progress and surf in SUP Foil, it is the ideal weapon to surf in stand up paddle Foil, or to downwind.

Wing size of your choice:1500 cm2
                                   2000 cm2                                     

Choices of different Foil wings for different practices and different sizes.
We have chosen to manufacture our carbon wings, designed by our design office, developed and tested on all supports, sup of course, but also surf, wingfoil and windsurf (and even in light wind kite)...

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€649.00 (tax incl.)
Ailes Pwrfoil Full carbon
Choice of the Mast size
Pre order for early April !
Availability date: 2021-04-01
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Foils, videos, beautiful images, we see them every day, so what more could we bring to Redwoodpaddle at Sup Foil with this new Pwrfoil Foil?

If like us, you want to try this new sport, but a Foil has more than 1000€ is a brake, that you don't know how to choose because you are a beginner or you have tested a friend's foil but you are lost... Our stand up paddle Foil is for you.

We have put everything on the ease, a foil to start and evolve, to surf over or on a surfboard or to downwind, the goal is to take off easily, with little speed, so a very strong front wing, with a nice surface, a very low weight so as not to play with solidity either.
A 70cm mast neither too long (stability), nor too short (pass the foams, or the "rotten" sections).
A 62cm fuselage to avoid the feeling of front/rear imbalance.

Contact us for more information if you are lost;)

And like the rest of our products at Redwoodpaddle, the fact that we have no intermediaries allows us to release our Foil for the stand up paddle at a price of 649€.

We manufacture this Foil with the help of our paddle factory which is based in China, we have been working with this factory for a few years.
They master the entire manufacturing of carbon parts, they have been manufacturing carbon bike frames (mountain bike and road) and many other parts for a long time.
Our Foil is manufactured with the best Carbon available, under hot presses or in furnaces depending on the parts.

Construction: Full Carbon for the front wing and rear stabilizer
Matt and Aluminium Fuselage
mass m = 4,8 kg
Mast size: 75 or 85cm
Fuselage length: 62 cm

Width of front wings "wingspan":
760 mm  = 1500cm2 
953mm   = 2000cm2 

Rear fender width (stabilizer) "span": 540 mm

Mounting on the board thanks to two US box boxes that we can place on all our Minimal or source boards (classic or Pro) for 90€. (for mounting on another brand contact us)

This Foil has been tested and developed for stand up paddle, but it has been tested on other supports such as a windsurf board and it works very well.

All our foils are supplied with their storage cases and wing covers!

The PWRFoil wings (powerfoil) have been developed by our foil / e-foil design office for more than two years.

We have chosen to work with quality craftsmen, able to produce carbon parts in very high precision metal molds.
The moulds mounted at high temperature allow us to have exceptional strength and rigidity.
The core of the wings is made of Airex, then the strats of carbon.

The wings are compatible on aluminum and carbon PWRFoil fuselages.

Sizes 1500cm2 and 2000cm2
Why and for whom?
the larger the surface area of the wing, the more weight it will lift at low speed, but the less maneuverable and faster it will be.

A small wing will fit a small size, a small board (surf, kite, small sup...) with speed (fast waves, traction like a kite or a wing wing with relatively strong wind)

a medium wing (2000) will be perfect for surfing over, surfing in less "hollow" waves, wing foil in light winds for a light gauge or for a heavier gauge, in stronger wind !

It will be much easier to guide you in your choice if you contact us by email or phone in order to find the best solution for you.

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