Funbox Pro V 12'6 x 27"5 blue

This inflatable Stand Up Paddle is the ideal model for long rides and races, fitness, flat water and sea racing. With its solid construction in Woven Drop Stitch Fusion double layer, very light, extremely rigid, it will take you everywhere you have the courage to go! In addition, it has a double chamber in accordance with the legislation to be able to sail outside the 300m, as well as a V shape under the hull to optimize the gliding performance.

DIMENSIONS: 12’6 x 27"5 x 6" • 3,81 m x 69,5 cm x 15 cm • 295 liters

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Woven Drop Stitch Fusion Double Couche
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Funbox Pro V 12'6 x 27"5 rigid and light, an excellent race board!

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The Race range: fast and versatile.

1. Shape

This board will take you anywhere you want. Whether in flat water, choppy water or waves, it goes everywhere with speed and precision.

2. Tail

Rectangular in shape, narrowed with its sharp "railing tail", it easily passes through turbulence, it grips and reduces drag.

3. Nose

Slightly raised (nose kick) to optimize glide without getting stuck in the chop. The PRO V models: equipped with a double chamber and a V-shaped hull, they are formidable opponents in the race and safe to exceed 300m from the beach.

This is the "all option" model of our Race range: our double chambered, V-shaped hull. As stiff as the Classic and Caribbean range, it also features the "Railing Tail" system which avoids turbulence at the back of the board and provides more grip and better control. There is very little row effect and the board stays on course. Perfect for sportsmen who want to push their limits as far and as long as possible. Woven Dropstitch fusion double layer construction saves about 20% in weight and 30% in stiffness compared to a standard double layer. The strength is also there, with an increased density of yarns allowing higher pressures if necessary without risk of explosion.

Its V-shaped hull (option only available on the PRO V range) provides better water penetration, reduces resistance and optimises gliding. Its double chamber allows you to go over 300m (but does not exempt you from taking the necessary precautions: find all the information and advice on preparing for your outing on P.6 of the inflatable manual which can be downloaded from the "Notices & Tutorials" tab).


Start by inflating your board to 17 PSI max and then inflate the double chamber at the front of the board. Be careful: you will have to inflate it slightly, just to get it in shape, but not too much pressure. If you inflate it too much you will not only damage it, but it will also put pressure on the hull and you will lose the benefit of the V-shape.

Volume: 295 L - Pressure: 17 psi
Weight of the board alone with fins: 9,2 kg
Weight of the bag with board and accessories: about 15 kg

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50 to 70 kg
70 to 85 kg
Touring double chamber (up to 300m)
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This inflatable Stand Up Paddle is the ideal model for long rides, races, fitness, flat water and sea racing. It is equipped with the best construction on the market: Woven Drop Stitch Fusion double layer. It is very...
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