After several months of prototyping, testing, breaking, we offer a successful Foil: unbreakable, efficient and cheap! This Foil will allow you to start and progress whatever your discipline: SURF / SUP or WING FOIL. This foil is extremely rigid and reactive.

Single mast size: 75 cm / Choice of wing size: 1500 or 2000 cm².


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Beginners & Intermediate



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€549.00 (tax incl.) €649.00
Ailes Pwrfoil Full carbon
Choice of the Mast size
Now available! Showroom model that has 10 outlets but clean!


Faced with the resurgence of foiling and before embarking on the adventure, we thought hard about what we could bring to this type of product. We had to combine performance with an unfailing solidity and this was no easy task! Several prototypes were created: dozens of tests and breakages to get to this point: a successful, high-performance and solid foil for all disciplines at a beginner to intermediate level.

An easy to use foil to start and evolve in all disciplines: WING FOIL, SUP FOIL, SURF FOIL, WINDSURF and KITE FOIL. Moreover, with its US BOX binding it will be compatible with most of the boards on the market, the US BOX being the most used binding system. The goal is to take off easily with little speed, easy for surfing or downwind. The 75 cm mast will be ideal to pass the foams or the most committed sections. The fuselage measures 62 cm to avoid the sensation of front/back imbalance.

We offer 2 sizes of wings: 1500 or 2000 cm². To help you choose, as a general rule: the larger the surface area of the kite, the more weight it will lift at low speed, but the less maneuverability and speed it will have. A small kite will suit a small size, a small board (surf, kite, small sup..) with speed (fast waves, traction like a kite or a wing kite with relatively strong wind). A medium size kite (2000) will be perfect for sup surfing, surfing in less "hollow" waves, wing foiling in light winds for a light size or for a heavier size, in stronger wind! For the construction of the wings, we have chosen to work with quality craftsmen, capable of making carbon parts in very high precision metal molds. The high temperature molds allow us to have an exceptional solidity and rigidity. The core of the wings is made of Airex, then the strats are made of carbon.

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