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Time was all we needed to produce a Stand Up Paddle foil that we'd been dreaming about since foil boarding first appeared on the SUP scene. 

The RWP SUP foil is ideal for both SUP foil boarding and downwind.

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Over the last 12 months, we've tested numerous foil shapes, we've broken a few along the way, we've built prototypes in the RWP workshop to finally come up with the SUP foil you see in front of you.

Every day we see breathtaking foil boarding videos and images and this got us thinking, what can Redwoodpaddle bring to the ever evolving world of the SUP foil?

If like us you want to try this sport, but you're put off by Foils costing on average more than €1000, or you've tried a foil on a friend's board and now you don't know what to choose... The RWP SUP foil is for you.

Right from the start our main priority was to make a foil that would be easy to use, a foil for getting started and progressing quickly, a foil you can mount on a SUP, a surfboard or a downwind board. The design of our foil will allow you to lift off the surface easily without needing too much speed. The larger surface area creates lots of lift and easy flight, which results in a stable, user-friendly foil.

The length of the shaft is 60cm, not too long that it feels unstable nor too short that you struggle to pass over white water and rough sections. The length of the fuselage is 62cm, which reduces the feeling of instability when you move your front foot forward or back. The weight of the foil was also really important, we didn't want to make it too light and therefore too fragile. 

There are 2 possible positions for the rear wing / stabiliser of the foil: one is the "classic" position with the rear wing facing the opposite way to the front wing, i.e. the rear wing tips are facing up. This configuration allows you to foil on a windsurf board or behind a boat. Basically, if your board speed exceeds 25km/h the stab needs to be this way up.

The second position, and the one that is more interesting for stand up paddling, the stab (the rear wing) is facing downwards like the front wing. This downward configuration maximises the lift of the board and therefore is easier for foiling on a SUP.

We've co-produced this foil with our SUP paddle factory in China, who we've worked with right from the start. They have years of expertise developing and building carbon products including carbon bike frames (MTB and road bikes) along with many other carbon products.

And like the rest of our products here at Redwoodpaddle, the fact that don't have any intermediaries allows is to sell a high quality carbon SUP foil for just €799.

Our stand up paddle foil is made from the highest quality carbon available

Construction: Full carbon 
Size of the mast: 60cm
Size of the front wing: 62 cm
Length of the fuselage: 62 cm
Front wing surface (flat): 1350 cm2
Back wing surface (flat): 370 cm2

  • mast and fuselage moulded as one piece (ultra strong construction) 
  • carbon front wing mounts with a specially designed easy screw-in system
  • stabiliser / carbon rear wing mounts as above with 2 x cross-head screws

The foil is attached to the board using a 90mm 4-bolt plate that attaches to 2 x US fin boxes. We can fit the 2 fin boxes to your Minimal or Source (Classic and Pro) for just €90. 

This foil has been tested and developed especially for stand up paddling, but it can also be used on windsurf boards.

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