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Redwoodpaddle was born out of a lifelong passion for board sports (windsurfing, skating, snowboarding, surfing...). Launched my first surf brand "Composite Creations" when I was 18 and it was around this time I started shaping my own surfboards. I then launched “Born To Ride”, the registered company that Redwoodpaddle continues to trade under. Next came Vegas Skateboards, which evolved into Vegas Distribution and specialised in the manufacture of skateboards, wakeboard accessories and surf accessories. I eventually sold the company and took some much needed time out. And the sole aim of this little sabbatical was to spend more time in the water with my new favourite toy - my first Stand Up Paddle board. An 11' beast I'd hand shaped and glassed in my garage inspired by all the pictures I saw coming out of Hawaii around this time.

As my love of Stand Up Paddling grew I started to make wooden SUP paddles by hand. Each paddle involved hours of work, and nowadays a number of these wooden paddles decorate our office in Perpignan, a nice reminder for me and the team of how far we've come. As the paddles started to evolve in terms of design, shape and finish, I experimented with many different types of wood, but always incorporated red cedar into the design. This use of red cedar and also being a big fan of the Red Hot Chillie Peppers was the inspiration for the brand name: Redwoodpaddle.                              

After working out of my garage for a few months, I got back in touch with my contacts in China and created a range of SUP paddles using wood, wood/carbon hybrid and full carbon. With the arrival of the first samples in 2007, Redwoodpaddle was really born. After the successful launch of the paddles we started to manufacture SUP boards always with the intention of selling directly to our customers. This allows us to maintain a personal contact with our customers and of course, by removing intermediaries, we're able to sell high quality SUP boards and paddles at much more competitive prices. The ongoing success of Redwood Paddle is fuelled by our passion for board sports and the ocean. Year on year the business continues to evolve and the possibilities offered by the internet are amazing; photos and HD videos to promote the wide range of RWP products and the exploits of our team riders... your all-important feedback also helps us to develop and refine future boards, paddles and accessories. 
There are now more people involved in the day-to-day running of RWP:

Greg: a “customer” from back in the day who then became a good friend, snowboarder / kite surfer / SUPer, responsible for sales and marketing.  David: an experienced windsurfer and paddle surfer, who looks after all things logistics including the despatch of your orders. Florent: our distributor for Spain and Portugal, who is often seen flying out of the back of waves on his Bubble windsurf board We love to hear from our customers, so feel free to give us a call or drop us a line if you need any SUP advice, or if you're ever passing through this part of France you can call in and see us at RWP HQ. There are plenty of nice SUP spots close by to Perpignan. You can choose from Mediterranean waves, mountain lakes, rivers and gorges, there's no shortage of choice for SUPing in the Pyrenées-Orientales. Born To Ride

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Chris Defrance
Owner / Shaper

SAS BTR Ilot de la Vigneronne 66000 Perpignan



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