MANATEE SURF WETSUIT : 3/2mm Black Limestone

Perfect for stand-up paddle and surf sessions in spring and fall. With a thickness of 3/2 (3 mm on the chest to the knees and 2 mm on the arms and calves), ideal for water temperatures between 17 and 24°C. Designed to ensure comfort and freedom of movement.

Adjust your resistance according to weather conditions, wind, and its strength.

All our wetsuits are equipped with a front zip, ensuring better waterproofing and greater freedom of movement.

Choose an eco-friendly approach by selecting our wetsuits:

- Quality material: Made from Limestone neoprene, derived from limestone rocks.

- Encouraged recycling: Recycle your old wetsuits by opting for a Manatee.

Looking for a wetsuit for the mid-seasons and mild winters? Discover the MANATEE 4/3 SURF WETSUIT: Black Limestone.

Are you searching for the perfect wetsuit to face the winter? Opt for the MANATEE 5/4 SURF WETSUIT: Navy Limestone.

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Manatee - Wetsuit - thickness 3/2 mm - front zip - black.

The 3/2 Neoprene wetsuit for men or women will be the go-to wetsuit for the mild temperatures of summer/mid-season. This 3/2 wetsuit will allow you to surf with great freedom of movement, thanks to its front zip, providing utmost comfort in all your motions.

A Limestone Wetsuit, one more step towards eco-responsibility!

We have chosen to use Limestone neoprene in the manufacturing of our wetsuits. Derived from limestone rocks, it represents a significantly more environmentally friendly alternative than conventional neoprene derived from petroleum. Constituting 80% of our wetsuits, this material, in addition to its natural composition, offers exceptional elasticity. Increased elasticity translates to optimal comfort when wearing the wetsuit. Furthermore, Limestone neoprene stands out for its robustness, ensuring an extended lifespan for our wetsuits.

Are your suits at the end of their life? We recycle them!

For the purchase of one of our wetsuits, receive a free return shipping voucher for your old wetsuit(s). We take care of collecting them at our expense and deliver them to Atelier Pere Pigne, a company in the Resilience program. As an eco-responsible brand in the social and solidarity economy and an active member of the Independent Federation of Made in France, Atelier Pere Pigne is located just 2.3 km from our premises. Atelier Pere Pigne transforms these wetsuits into beautiful objects. Although neoprene is not a recyclable material, we give your wetsuits a second life by turning them into bags, covers, pouches, cases, etc. This initiative significantly extends the lifespan of these gears. If you wish to take advantage of this offer, please indicate it in the 'comments' section during your order.

To take advantage of it, please note it in the "comments" section when you order.

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