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For several years, Redwoodpaddle has been working in collaboration with Riverside Paddle, offering Paddle trips in the river to discover the fauna and flora of the Tech, but also in the sea in the Criques de Porteils.

At the start of each outing at Riverside Paddle, a technical briefing is conducted. River Stand Up Paddle is very different from SUP in the sea. But before we tell you more, let's go back a bit! The Stand Up Paddle or SUP appeared in Hawaii, in the 60s. After many years in the shadows, the SUP is back in the 2000s. This sport which initially consisted in surfing waves standing up, on a wide board and with the help of a paddle, quickly conquered a wider public because of its wide range of use. Whether surfing on a stormy sea, or hiking on a mountain lake, Stand Up Paddle is an excellent activity for your health, working all the muscles of your body in a gentle way. It's also a great balance exercise!

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But then, why the river?

Putting a SUP in a river may seem confusing, but more and more surfers are starting to put their boards on rivers. The arrival of increasingly advanced inflatable SUPs is pushing users to become aware of this new riding medium.

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The Stand Up Paddle has advantages that distinguish it from kayaks and canoes for example. Thanks to the possible removal of the fins, the SUP has a small draft. This advantage allows it to navigate in rivers, in places inaccessible to kayaks. It is also an excellent way to relax by exploring the surrounding fauna and flora! The standing position, whether in the sea or in the river, allows you not only to observe the landscape, but also to anticipate certain obstacles. Although paddling can become complex on the river, this activity is known to be accessible to all. Practitioners can evolve quickly and begin to perform maneuvers and passages of rapids from the first outings!

Practicing SUP in our region represents a pleasant playground, usable in any weather, unlike practice at sea, which is impossible in high winds. And then, it is much more fun to cross small rapids in river than to go along a sandy beach! Especially when this river is wild and protected... Indeed, the Tech runs for 84km before flowing into the sea, in Argelès-sur-Mer, in the Mas Larrieu reserve. This reserve is classified Natura 2000 and has a great patrimonial value. The Tech is protected from its source to its mouth, because of the exceptional fauna and flora it possesses. The nature reserve of Mas Larrieu borders the Tech and extends over 145 hectares, on the territories of the communes of Argelès sur mer and Elne. It shelters a great biodiversity that you will be able to discover while gliding on the waters of the Tech! In summer, the level of the river is relatively low, the Stand Up paddle remains then one of the only means to discover this part of the region. Located 5 min from the beaches of Argelès sur mer, and 15 minutes from Perpignan, the Riverside team is waiting for you in a good mood to make you discover this exceptional river!

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Have you ever tried it?

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Photo credit and article writing: Déclic's Picture - Célia Lorente www.declicspicture.com

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