Rubbish collection in the river by inflatable paddle

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Combining business with pleasure in SUP.

We mobilised our forces with the Pure Pills team, (an eco-responsible company fighting against single-use plastic in cleaning products), and Riversidepaddle which organises great paddle trips throughout the year. The aim of the day was to paddle the river Tech, looking for any trace of plastic.

Stand up paddle in the river.

The rigidity and strength of Redwoodpadde's inflatable paddles are a big advantage when going down river. Despite the bags full of rubbish, the ride was still smooth and enjoyable. One of the boards that is best suited for river riding is the Funbox pro 10'6 Wide. This board is suitable for both beginners and experienced riders. You can go with your eyes closed.

Paddling for the first time on a river.

It was a baptism of Stand up paddle for some of the Pure Pills team. After many falls, laughs, the paddle conquered many hearts, and carried more than six bags full of plastic waste. 80% of the plastic waste we find in the ocean is transported by the waterways (rivers). It's important to get involved: not one outing without picking up litter!

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