Three days of stand-up paddle, wing foil, canoes, and surf ski competitions in Ajaccio.

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An exceptional experience for stand-up paddle enthusiasts.

Dive into an incredible three-day stand-up paddle experience! Get ready for adrenaline, fierce competition, and epic parties! Grab your best inflatable or rigid paddleboard and join us at the Corsica Paddle Trophy !

An experience that will challenge your skills and passion for gliding while creating unforgettable moments with fellow enthusiasts! Check out the program here.

A competition for all skill levels. 

An event open to everyone, whether you're an elite athlete or a passionate amateur, the Corsica Paddle Trophy is accessible to all. You'll surely find a category that suits you among the following

Elite: 18Km per day:

Nothing scares you, and you're a seasoned competitor looking for a serious challenge, this is the formula for you! You'll have the opportunity to showcase your athletic prowess, endurance, and skills in varying conditions. However, be prepared – all your muscles will be put to the test during the different events. With a minimum of 18km of stand-up paddle per day, it won't be a relaxing getaway for you!

Beginner : 10Km per day: 

You already have a grip on stand-up paddle, and you crave challenges for three days filled with adrenaline? Then, the 10 km per day route is your path to follow. Rest assured, even in the midst of action, you'll have plenty of opportunities to savor the breathtaking landscapes from your paddleboard. Get ready for the ultimate adventure, facing the waves and feeling the thrill of competition. It's time to show what you're capable of on the water.

Leisure : 4Km per day:

A more relaxed approach for those who want to enjoy cocktails and their stay. A calmer and shorter 4KM stand-up paddle race per day to keep you in shape and allow you to enjoy numerous breathtaking landscapes.

A magnificent setting and 3 days of dreamy stand-up paddle

Participating in a stand-up paddle competition is already cool, but imagine yourself in addition to being in a dreamlike, utterly idyllic setting. Golden sandy beaches, endless turquoise waters, and an enchanting ambiance... Ajaccio is the perfect place to have an extraordinary experience.

You won't have to lift a finger for 3 days; we take care of everything with ultra-comfortable accommodation, typical dishes that will remind you of Grandma's, and an incredible atmosphere that will stay etched in your memory forever.

Which paddle and paddleboard to choose?

The ideal selection of stand-up paddleboards to shine at the Corsica Paddle Trophy can be found in the touring/racing pro range. If we had to choose one stand-up paddleboard in this range, it would be the Funbox Pro V 14 x 27. If you aim to be a serious contender for the title, the Funbox Pro V in 14 feet will offer you exceptional glide, with performance that closely resembles that of rigid competition stand-up paddleboards.

The perfect combination to position yourself as a serious contender and attempt to win the 5th edition of the Corsica Paddle Trophy would be to opt for a 14-foot Funbox Pro V, accompanied by an elite race paddle in full carbon.

Rules and Standards:

We don't want to be strict, but we need to establish certain rules to ensure fair competition. The minimum accepted size for stand-up paddleboards is 12.6 feet, while the maximum size is 14 feet.

Unfortunately, young paddlers under the age of 15 are not allowed to participate in the race. Patience, your turn may come for the 6th edition.

A charitable race

In an effort to raise awareness for breast cancer, a symbolic race is organized, and a portion of the proceeds will be donated to the October Rose association. It's a show of support from our community for this noble cause.

During a dedicated time with care, we will come together to actively participate in beach cleanup efforts. Together, we will work to preserve the natural beauty of this magnificent Corsican coastline, a treasure to cherish for future generations.

Register now!

Stand-up paddle, wing foil, canoe, and surf ski competitions in Corsica - it's the dream opportunity you don't want to miss! Whether you're a wave addict or a passionate amateur, there's definitely a category that will get your heart racing. For all the registration details, click here.

Join us for three days of pure water sports fun in Ajaccio and embark on this extraordinary sporting adventure.

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